Snacks Sample


Mango Chicken Quesadilla

Tasty Chipotle-flavored Chicken (skinless, boneless breasts) on Low-Carb, High Fiber Whole Wheat Tortilla with Chunky Mango Salsa on the side without the high fat and high calories.

Nutritional Info
Servings Per Recipe: 2
Amount Per Serving: 1 x 7-inch Quesadilla

Calories: 346.7 | 1,008
Total Fat: 11.2g | 40.6g
Cholesterol: 65.6mg | 106.1g
Sodium: 899.8mg | 1215.1mg
Total Carbs: 38.9g | 110.9g
Dietary Fiber: 16.9g |7.4g
Sugars: 14.0g | 46.6g
Protein: 37.4g | 49.5g

(Mango Salsa, Chipotle Chicken and Tortillas are included in Nutritional Value)

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