To make a purchase, click on the button under the list of countries that matches your physical location—

Food Lovers from USA, Canada and Europe pay only $14.95 USD

Food Lovers from The Philippines pay only 555 PHP

Food Lovers from South America, Africa and the rest of Asia pay only $11.95 USD

Frequently Asked Questions

What are my payment options?

You have an option to pay via credit card or debit card as a Paypal Guest. Fill out the Paypal payment page. Or if you have a Paypal account, feel free to log in your Paypal and send payment. Then, click on the Review and Continue tab at the bottom of the page when you’re done. You’ll be directed to a Payment Confirmation page to review your order.

Do I get a payment invoice?

As soon as you have confirmed your order via Paypal, you will see the payment invoice page. Feel free to print it for your records. You will receive an e-mail confirmation from your merchant (FIT FOR LIFE Inc. or via Paypal.

When will I receive the eCookbook PDF File?

Once your payment has cleared, you will receive an e-mail from Chef Trina with a This is where you will download the eCookbook PDF File.

How long will it take for my payment to clear?

It usually takes about 2-3 business days, depending on the country of origin and also, the method of payment (Paypal * verified user or not*, debit card or credit card).

Is there a refund policy?

None. All sales are final.

I have questions regarding my purchase or the eCookbook (in general), who can help me?

Chef Trina will be happy to answer your queries. Feel free to click on the email icon on the blog’s main page, fill out the contact form and submit your inquiry. And if you have questions specifically about the Shopping Guide, feel free to contact Hazel Frias at (if you are located in The Philippines).

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