My Metamorphosis

Most of my life until 2012....

Most of my life until 2012….

My metamorphosis: Summer 2007 to Summer 2012

Unhealthy, Weak ME
[no energy. sedentary. bad skin. excess fats.
junk food: sugar & simple carbs addict.]


A Healthy, Strong ME
[more energy & vitality. agile.
smooth, clear skin. strong muscles.
happy heart & lungs. sculpted curvy body.
confidence boost. more SELF-LOVE. ]

From being a couch potato, doing nothing and eating anything whenever, wherever – most of my life…


Becoming a Triathlete, 5K & 8K Run Finisher, Bodybuilder, Clean Eater, Fit Chef and Healthy Cookbook Author/ Recipe Creator.


Five years of dedication and hard work….I shall continue pressing on!

I am not aspiring to look nor be perfect…
I just want to feel amazing, look good, age gracefully, get STRONGER and LIVE BETTER 🙂

My goal is not to look like a “runway model” nor look “ripped to shreds”…
it’s about me taking good care of my body.
My journey is not about the number on the scale, body fat %, BMI number or dress size…it’s becoming the “best” version of ME: Mind, Body and Spirit.
How? By consistently eating healthy,
training smart, staying active,
sending out positive energy and
being grateful every day.

This amazing journey and the people that I have somehow inspired to make a “healthy lifestyle” change are my rewards.

There’s NO deadline nor finish line.


***Fitness Nutrition Coach certification by Summer 2013***

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