WOD: CHEST-BACK-BUTT/LEGS + HIITs (Arc Trainer) at American Barbell Club 

29 Aug

I’ve been lagging on my logs but I get my workout done every week at the gym or at home👊🏼💥

CHEST-BACK-BUTT/LEGS + HIITs: Arc Trainer (15 mins-.30miles-145Cal-Level#6) *warm-up*{Reverse Pyramids}

✔️ROTATOR CUFFS EXERCISE: 2 sets: 5lbs x 25 reps *warm-up for Chest exercises 

✔️DB CHEST PRESS: <Reverse Pyramids>  

35s x 8reps

30lbs x 16reps

25s x 20reps 

✔️BENT-OVER BARBELL ROWS: 30lbs x 25reps*warm-ups 

3 sets of 65lbs x 16reps

✔️PEC FLY MACHINE <Reverse Pyramid>:

50lbs x 25 reps * warm-ups

100lbs x 6 reps 

80lbs x 12 reps

60lbs x 20 reps


3 sets of 20 reps with 25-lb plates @arm


3 sets of 65lbs x 12reps


3 sets of 20reps on 30-inches high step 


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