WOD: Chest-Back-Butt/Legs + HIITs at American Barbell Club

1 Jun

CHEST-BACK-BUTT/LEGS + HIITs: Arc Trainer (15 mins-.40miles-195 Cal-Level#6) *warm-up*⭐️Drop Sets; Pyramids⭐️

 👉🏼MILITARY PUSH UPS x 25 reps *warm up for Chest exercises

👉🏼DB Incline Press: <DROPSETS>  35s x 6reps•25s x 10reps •15lbsx16reps

👉🏼Bent-over Barbell Rows: 30lbs x 25reps*warm ups • 3 sets of 65lbs x 16reps

👉🏼Hammer Strength Lying Chest Press Machine: 45lbs x 20reps*warm up • 3 sets of 95lbs x 8reps 

👉🏼Close-Grip Pull Downs: 50lbs x 25 reps*warm up • <DROPSETS> 90lbs x 16reps, 50lbs x 20 reps, 20lbs x 30reps

 👉🏼Step-Up and Kick: 3 sets of 20 reps

👉🏼HAMMER STRENGTH SQUATS MACHINE: 3 sets of bodyweight  x 20reps 



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